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  • The Cost of a Bad Hire and Reducing the Odds of Making One

    It’s well known that hiring a bad employee can be incredibly costly. Estimates of the true cost of a bad hire vary widely depending on the type of position and amount of experience required. One estimate from the US Department of Labor places the average cost of a bad hiring decision at about 30% of the employee’s first-year salary.

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  • Webinar Recap: Texting And Mobile Create Hiring Excellence

    Given the majority of people, globally, own a smartphone, and with that number climbing, mobile is a growing venue from which recruiters and hiring managers can communicate with job candidates.

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  • 5 Keys: How to Become an Inspirational Leader

    How important is it to have inspirational leadership versus average leadership? The answer: Very important.

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  • 2016 North American Candidate Experience Awards Research Report

    Register for your copy of the 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Awards Research Report.



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