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5 Reasons To Kill The Work-Life Balance Myth

Work or life? Nope. There’s no such thing as either/or. The work-life duality is a fallacy. One way or another, we all know, deep down, that it’s simply not a functional construct, particularly in 2016. Here are five reasons why.… Read more


How To Mentally Prepare For Working Life

It may only be the middle of summer, but for many, this means the beginning of their life-spanning career; their first experience of the 9-5 and an extremely important life transition. I, for one, have just started working full-time after … Read more


Work, Life and Peace: #TChat Recap

Staying focused at work is a skill, but being mindful of the choices we make is also a decision. Sometimes, the technology that connects us also frees us to multitask. But how far can we push that without suffering downside consequences?

The Quaint Notion of Work-Life Balance: #TChat Preview

What if we all slowed down the pace of our work - or focused on just one thing at a time? Would we be more effective or ultimately more efficient? Would organizations see a boost in performance? Maybe it's time that the TalentCulture community pauses to consider the possibilities...

Work-Life Balance? It's Just "Life" #TChat Recap

 Sometimes we find zen. A moment of harmonic convergence in our lives when all things family, friends, co-workers, employers, work and life become one.

Sometimes. Work-life balance. [sigh] Wait, who are we kidding, right?

We don’t time zone travel with … Read more