TalentCulture + Achievers: Better Together!

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Two Communities — One Purpose

Here at TalentCulture, we exist to elevate the human side of business — and we believe that community is the best way to reach that goal. In short, the more hearts and minds we involve in this conversation, the more likely we are to influence the future of work.

We’re passionate advocates who exchange ideas, knowledge and resources — all in the interest of cultivating more productive, rewarding workplace cultures.

And now, in the spirit of that philosophy, we’re thrilled to announce our first “world of work” partnership — with Achievers.

Get to Know Achievers

Achievers Blog Banner "Employee Success"
Visit Achievers Employee Success blog

Achievers creates Employee Success software that helps companies around the world recognize and reward positive workforce behaviors on a daily basis. This translates into higher employee engagement and better business results.

There is strong synergy between our organizations. Like Achievers, TalentCulture.com and #TChat forums are all about continuous learning and inclusive engagement that add value in today’s globally connected, social workplace. And that starts with all of our smart, loyal #TChat-ters!

Looking Ahead

What does this partnership mean to you? Look for TalentCulture and Achievers to:

  • Evangelize on behalf of each other’s engagement mission;
  • Share ongoing thought leadership and expertise with our respective communities.

This promises to add a whole new level of depth and vibrancy to the conversation, going forward. We hope you’ll join us each day, across our combined social channels, as we explore and discuss business and workplace topics that affect us all.

(Editor’s Note: Meet Achievers tonight (Wednesday, May 1) at the weekly #TChat Twitter forum, where Achievers Social Media Community Manager, Katie Paterson, moderates! Read details in tonight’s Preview: “Live from the edge of HR Innovation.”)

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TalentCulture Team + Guests

TalentCulture Team + Guests

What is “Team TalentCulture”?
Glad you asked!

It designates two special types of posts:

1) Guest Writers
Often, our community is honored to feature guest commentary by experts from across the world of work. Details about guest writers (biographical profiles, images and social coordinates) are included in each post.

2) TalentCulture News
Whenever we share information about community events, partners and resources, it flies under this “team” flag.

We invite you to follow these TalentCulture.com posts, as well as content from our primary contributors. To connect directly with Team TalentCulture, simply send us a message. Or better yet, join us wherever you’re active on social media channels. See you on the stream!