Meditating Captains of Crowdsourced Innovation: #TChat Recap

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Just add water, sunlight and really long tethers. This is how innovative creativity blossoms in virtual global teams, right?

Well, not quite, but the good news is there are so many communications tools available today that it makes it the next best thing to being there when building a quality business team. In fact, many HR and recruiting technology startups that I’ve spoken with of late have software development teams here, there and practically anywhere, and with video conferencing and a little sleep deprivation, you can meet with dev teams every day. This gives you and them the opportunity to create, to innovate, to celebrate.

But just like social media has fueled the face-time fire, managing virtual teams is only part of creating an innovative workplace culture. The same technology startups referenced above are encouraging, and actually requiring, an in-the-office workforce in order to mesh and mold workplace culture as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence in business, and the sooner the “team” can connect, the sooner collaboration sparks.

What solidifies the virtual with the in-house isn’t the new chic of a big open workspace where colleagues and I can brainstorm solutions to our business problems and bug one another incessantly, just like the constant interruption of pushing crap around in e-mails without resolution or innovation. Think about it: If I’m in marketing, sales and biz dev — and on the phone all day — do I really want a perpetual group hug? Probably not, and there is research I’ve read recently about how alone time is critical for true creativity and business breakthroughs.

No, what solidifies is strong leadership, leadership with ego and a dash of humility, leadership with passion and personal pride. Most successful captains of industry have been ego-driven, and personal pride and passion get things done, including crowd-sourced creativity, or not. Historical successes aren’t predicated on crowd-sourced creativity, but we know today that these are a much bigger part of the global competitive growth strategy.

What’s always exciting is to watch this unfold, to participate in it, to add water and sunlight and leadership and a cohesive workplace collaborative culture and job growth and create your own.

And that’s why I’m really excited about moderating this year’s iTalent Competition, sponsored by Oracle in cooperation with StartUp America, during this year’s HRO Today Forum on May 2 in Washington, D.C. There, five companies will be competing for top honors in a competition that focuses on HR, recruiting and talent management technology innovations that are also creating job growth and helping businesses recruit, hire and develop employees.

These finalists will give 10-minute pitches before a plenary audience and panel of HR technology experts, industry advisers, and investment analysts. Each pitch will be “grilled” by the panel, and a winner will be chosen at the end of the session. The five finalists will be revealed tomorrow.

On that panel, by the way, will be our very own Meghan M. Biro, as well as Brent Skinner, close friend of TalentCulture, co-founder of #HRTechChat and a contributor to HRO Today. I hope to see you all there. In the meantime, following is a slide show of select tweets from yesterday’s insight-filled stream of #TChat activity. Thank you for joining us. Stay tuned, on Monday, for a preview of next week’s topic: a look at the confluence of work life and online privacy.

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Kevin W. Grossman

Kevin W. Grossman

Kevin W. Grossman is the Talent Board Vice-President responsible for all aspects of the Candidate Expe-rience Awards program and other Talent Board activities for North America. He also produces and hosts the new Reach West Radio where each week he talks with his guests about their effectual stretch and the impact it makes in the worlds of work and life. Kevin co-founded and co-hosted the highly popular weekly TalentCulture #TChat with Meghan M. Biro for over five years. A certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) by HCI, Kevin has over 17 years of domain expertise and familiarity with the HR and recruiting technology marketplace and remains a top social influencer in leadership, human resources, talent management and recruiting. He’s been a prolific "HR business" blogger and writer since 2004 and his first business book titled Tech Job Hunt Handbook was released in December 2012 from Apress.


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