Social Learning in Business: Sneak Peek

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(Editorial Note: For the full preview of this week’s topic, read “Igniting Social Learning.” Or to see the weekly recap, read Digging Deep into Social Learning #TChat Recap)

Engagement performance. It’s a key to learning in today’s world of work. But exactly what is it, and how can we leverage this concept to achieve desired business results?

As Michael Clark, CEO of ReCenter, suggests in this video, it starts by aligning engagement with business goals, and applying social tools that help us perform more effectively.

Michael views “engagement performance” almost as one word – performance is everything that happens after the moment we decide to engage. And in today’s social workplace, it means that individuals and organizations can transform the way they conduct business in profound ways.

During the coming weeks, TalentCulture will explore this concept and offer opportunities for hands-on social learning skills development.

Join us this week, and let’s explore the potential of social learning skills together:

If you don’t see the video window above, watch the sneek peak on YouTube.

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Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald

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  1. Are there a few top “skills’ that enhance our engagement or performance? Are there skills that will become vital as social business expands?

  2. One critical social skill that is becoming increasingly important is the ability to be able to connect with an audience in the social space. Included in this is… 1. Social skills 2. Ability to connect via video 3. To build rapport via social etc…

    It involves a sense of transparency and typically listening skills, yes even while typing…

    Good SharePoint Intranets and More

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