It Takes a Collaborative Village

It started over coffee, early in 2010. Our co-founders, Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman were comparing notes about the many forces reshaping today’s workplace. They wondered aloud about how talent-minded professionals could connect and support one another through chaotic and exciting shifts in business, technology and workforce dynamics. Suddenly, inspiration struck.

HR professionals and leaders were rapidly adopting social media for recruiting, branding, social learning, talent development and thought leadership. In particular, Twitter was gaining favor for its immediacy and reach. Why not leverage that momentum to create a dynamic community of practice?

The Vision Takes Root

Less than a month later, this blog was launched — sparking all sorts of informal Twitter conversations with each new post. Before the year was out, formal weekly #TChat discussions debuted on Twitter, and the vision became a reality.

TalentCulture is now recognized as a living metaphor for the social workplace. And this community continues to gain momentum as a source of meaningful insight, expert advice, professional support and networking opportunities.

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