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Gather Around Our Digital Water Cooler

Connect, learn and share with the TalentCulture tribe in real time, anytime! Everyone is welcome to participate in our open forums. So join any of these freely available channels — whenever and wherever you prefer:

•  TalentCulture Twitter Chat  Attend our flagship weekly topical chat forums. And between events, share workplace knowledge with other professionals 24x7x365
  TalentCulture Radio  Tune-in online to hear live and recorded interviews with world of work experts
  Other TalentCulture Social Forums  Not a Twitter fanatic? No problem! Exchange ideas and network with professional peers on other social channels anytime, at your convenience, in our G+ community and our LinkedIn discussion group.

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TalentCulture Twitter = Continuous Learning

Getting started with TalentCulture Twitter is easy. All you need is a Twitter account and the right #WorkTrends hashtag. That was the concept behind our groundbreaking Twitter chat channel. After our first live chat event in late 2010, the idea spread like wildfire. Today, more than five years later TalentCulture’s Twitter chat remains one of the most popular chat channels in the Twitter universe.

TAlenculture Events = Up Close With Experts

Each Wednesday, #WorkTrends Twitter draws hundreds of participants for a rapid-fire discussion about issues in today’s world of work. And just prior to each Twitter chat, we introduce the week’s topic in a 30-minute #TCTalentCulture’s #WorkTrends Radio interview with recognized experts. These dynamic, interactive forums generate thousands of ideas and helpful links, which we summarize in weekly recaps for future reference.

Hot Topics, Served Daily on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Between events, our community spirit continues around the clock, with freestyle #WorkTrends chat knowledge sharing on Twitter and on our LinkedIn discussion group. As we move into 2014, our social channels are breaking new ground — with one of the most active professional communities on Google+. These venues add depth and dimension to our core Twitter conversations — and your participation is always welcome. So don’t be shy. Check us out on the channels of your choice, connect with more like-minded professionals, and let us know what’s on your mind!

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